Digital Quartermasters Specializing in
Network & Computer Systems
Security for Small Offices,
Home Offices & Individuals
About Us
Our Philosophy

Computer security is at the core of our business. In today's world, what took criminals days, weeks or months now takes minutes. Criminals now have the ability to create computer programs that can gather your personal information and transmit it back to their databases. Our philosophy is simple; stop these criminals from stealing your information and money.

With over 25 years in computer systems and over 20 years in information technology. We have a wide range of experiences and skills.
Our background includes systems design, database design, development of security policies for large and small companies.

Our range of experience includes:
PCI (Credit Card), HIPAA (Health), SAS70 and SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) security audits and implementations.
Systems and application security design, ERP and systems migrations, Business Intelligence Architectture, Senior Database Systems Architecture, Multi-terabyte systems design, Authoring of systems and database security policies and procedures.
Our Market Area

Serving southwest Wisconsin and eastern Iowa, we specialize in security solutions for the home and small businesses.

With affordable, cost effective offerings we tailor our services for your business.